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Update Post

It is currently 4:36 in the afternoon as I begin to write type this down and I am not quite sure why I started this update post in the first place. I was going to post about last Thursday’s “Buwan ng Wika” culminating activity but nah.  Here however, is an update on everything that is going on. I made it into the Softball team for our batch this Intramurals and I have been practicing everyday which is extremely tiring. I usually come home completely exhausted with my body aching all over. It’s a small price to pay though since I really love Softball. I’m worried about my grades though. It’s been a few months ever since I started Freshman year and adjusting hasn’t been easy at all. I’m hoping that I can somehow pull them up this quarter. Other things to talk about… I won a free pas to laserblitz this September which is basically laser tag, I did my first official project as a photocom member last Thursday, I was supposed to go out with my friends today but that fell through, my idol in school followed me on twitter today, I achieved “B-list” on Kardashian: Hollywood which is a game, I have not been reading much lately, (which reminds me) I have not yet returned my books in the library to which I owe a big due already… Hm… I guess that’s most of it. I could think of other things but I really need to go to the bathroom actually… So, current time: 4:44 And that’s 9 minutes spent on this post.

Saturday Morning, Airport Drive

Today, I woke up at 6 AM to accompany my mom and sister to the Airport. My sister is a contestant in Extemporaneous speaking for CMLI this year which will be held in Baguio. I’m proud of her and I hope she does well. My mom, being much like herself, went with my sister to Baguio and they will be back next week, leaving me and my dad alone in the house and with all the chores wherein we know nothing about. I’m not sure how I am going to go about this week without my mother.

On the way to the airport, I took some pictures because I wanted to capture the early, Saturday morning life here in Cebu. I have been practicing taking pictures of moving objects lately and it has been quite difficult. I usually practice by bringing my camera along on road trips and taking pictures of everything outside while the car is moving. Here’s the product so far.

DSCF3167 DSCF3169 DSCF3172 DSCF3181 DSCF3183 DSCF3185 DSCF3188 DSCF3190

Recollection 14′

Just had my third ever recollection last Monday. There was less crying than I expected, some parts were embarrassing and I guess I could say that I’ve learned new things.  I’d explain this to you in detail but I think that would be boring so I’ll just keep this simple. We had our recollection in Don Bosco retreat house in Lawaan and we didn’t have that much activities but it was memorable. I’d post tons of pictures if I could but the thing is, after charging my camera batteries and making sure to pack extras (learned from having my camera run out of battery a handful of times during important events)  I later then realized that I had left my SD card… I realized this a little too late because I was on the bus already and I was going to take a candid picture of my friend when my camera told me that it was storing images to the internal memory and then I realized how dumb I was. So here I am with 2 class pictures (at least) since my internal memory holds at most 4 pictures.

DSCF2286 DSCF2285

Being Pressured

I am finally feeling the crushing pressure of being a High school Freshman. Ever since day 1, I knew that I would have one hell of a hard time but now, we’ve just finished our 1st periodical tests and we have a ridiculous amount of work to do. I am currently working on a short movie,a story-telling presentation, having to borrow 10 books from the library for this quarter, an Art project is about Ethnic writing so we have to learn how to write in this Ethnic dialect and a bunch of printed reports because for some reason, teachers just love making us encode our projects and homework despite the fact that not everyone has access to easy printing and the fact that it is not that “easy” at all. I have slowly begun to lose more and more hours of sleep daily. Please allow me to rant all this because I feel that if I don’t now, I’ll lose it eventually.

I understand that they want us to be trained for real life and for work in the future but I think there is a boundary between giving us work and exhausting us completely. I don’t think that it’s right to give growing children several written reports (complete with decoration and all), coded assignments, complicated homework,etc. all at once. Not to mention that we have to study for 3 or more tests the following day that will affect our overall grades greatly. When we fail to submit work on time because we prioritized study, they tell on us and call us lazy or irresponsible or whatever smart ass remark. Then when we fail a test because of the crazy amount of work they give, they tell on us again and call us other names and tell everyone about how much of a bad student we are.

Well friend, welcome to the education system.


The best way to judge someone is to find our what kind of music they like. I just love people with great tastes in music. If you’re favorite band was Maroon 5, you would easily me my 2 best friend. I know it’s irrelevant and all but when someone tells me they are avid fans of Justin Bieber or One Direction, I automatically get turned off. I have nothing against 1D or JB but I’m more of an Avicii or Imagine Dragons kind of person. Anyway, felt like doing a doodle because why not? I know, it sucks but yeah, whatever.



Worked on this new comic book-inspired design concept. I don’t really know what to think or say about it though. At that moment, I felt like taking some pictures and editing them for no apparent reason actually. It was probably the beanie or the acid washed denim. 

collageversioniweu DSCF1876


A few weeks back, I was elected as a class officer and one of the things you have to do as an officer is to attend the Leadership Training Seminar or LTS. This is one of the great things in being an officer because it’s really fun and it’s an overnight activity. We had our’s this year at Don Bosco in Lawaan and it was fun yet extremely tiring at the same time. We played in the rain and I got my clothes dirty but hey, I guess it was worth it.

10256238_717522888297188_8919165493419527687_n 10391455_717522644963879_4746700031451067564_n 10447498_717515431631267_7391216128177767146_n 10474302_717481364968007_6443305881930865600_n (1) 10498243_717481011634709_2773639250585277516_o 10523704_717480958301381_7283440023672265991_o 10542702_717486628300814_5918295505268212073_o 10544367_717524518297025_1491169078889990819_n 10574331_717516324964511_488839626227552146_n 10565242_717524738297003_3810855440016037280_n 10574401_717502981632512_467817043409837922_n



Wow, I haven’t updated this blog in forever. Sorry about that. School’s been awful lately and I’ve been really busy. To be honest, I don’t have much interesting things to blog about and I have decided to spare all of you from anymore boring school updates. Although I will tell you that I have submitted my application form for our school’s photo committee. I really do hope I get in. I believe that is all for now. For the mean time. here’s a random flag.