The best way to judge someone is to find our what kind of music they like. I just love people with great tastes in music. If you’re favorite band was Maroon 5, you would easily me my 2 best friend. I know it’s irrelevant and all but when someone tells me they are avid fans of Justin Bieber or One Direction, I automatically get turned off. I have nothing against 1D or JB but I’m more of an Avicii or Imagine Dragons kind of person. Anyway, felt like doing a doodle because why not? I know, it sucks but yeah, whatever.



Worked on this new comic book-inspired design concept. I don’t really know what to think or say about it though. At that moment, I felt like taking some pictures and editing them for no apparent reason actually. It was probably the beanie or the acid washed denim. 

collageversioniweu DSCF1876


A few weeks back, I was elected as a class officer and one of the things you have to do as an officer is to attend the Leadership Training Seminar or LTS. This is one of the great things in being an officer because it’s really fun and it’s an overnight activity. We had our’s this year at Don Bosco in Lawaan and it was fun yet extremely tiring at the same time. We played in the rain and I got my clothes dirty but hey, I guess it was worth it.

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Wow, I haven’t updated this blog in forever. Sorry about that. School’s been awful lately and I’ve been really busy. To be honest, I don’t have much interesting things to blog about and I have decided to spare all of you from anymore boring school updates. Although I will tell you that I have submitted my application form for our school’s photo committee. I really do hope I get in. I believe that is all for now. For the mean time. here’s a random flag.

Good Reads and Icecream

This is actually an old picture but I guess it still fits. It’s finally the weekend and I have (as usual) been unproductive. I have watched The Boy In Stripped Pajamas though and I’ve already read the book long ago but that didn’t stop me from crying a little with this movie. I also watched the second episode of Free and I guess that those two count for something. Not much else to say about this weekend. I’d talk about my week but eh. Maybe in the next post. I was supposed to go out with some friends today but my sister is sick so I have to stay at home. This is the 3rd Saturday in a row that I was supposed to go out but did not because of my family and I really don’t know what I should say about that.


It’s Sunday today and I think I just wasted my whole weekend. I was supposed to go out with some friends yesterday but my mom decided to drag me along with her while she met a client and I was stuck just sitting there for a good 5 hours (I am not exaggerating this) It probably would’ve been better if I stayed home but there I was, trying to entertain myself with an electronic gadget instead of being at the mall with good company or at least some relaxation at home. Today, I watched Mean Girls and I think I have homework to do but eh. Anyway, I have been looking for some good music recently and mostly, I’ve been listening to Nirvana and Maroon 5 which are 2 very awesome bands. I am also typing this right now whilst wearing a Denim jacket and a white skirt so I feel quite… um, I don’t know really but “something”. I don’t have much to say actually so I guess that is all and also I hope I get into Photocom at school.


First Speech

We had our welcome gathering today which is basically welcoming us Freshmen into the HS department. I was expecting something pretty formal because that’s how it usually is in Grade school but it was actually really fun. It was Divergent themed and the Seniors prepared some role plays that were very funny. They even did a short imitation of Mean Girls! As we entered, they placed red paint on our arms which signifies that scene in Divergent where they draw blood from their arms while they choose a faction but we can’t draw blood during the gathering so they improvised. They handed out these book mark like things with the factions on them and I got Abnegation which is not like me at all. I wanted Dauntless but oh well. They had the teachers dance too and the Dance Troupe was really good. High school is quite different from Grade school. It’s been a month since my first day as a Freshman and I’ve enjoyed my stay so far. I like how the people in our class are pretty cool and don’t tell on us whenever someone brings phones or so. So I’ve had a few bad days and all but I’m trying to not care and I guess that, as of now, all is well and good. I got elected as an assistant treasurer and Photo Journalism screenings are coming up (wish me luck!)

Rainy Season Once Again?

The weather right now is absolutely ridiculous. The day starts of all bright and sunny as well as extremely hot then all of a sudden, the rain pours down hard and a little short of being classified as a storm. Okay, so maybe I was exaggerating the storm part but still. I missed 2 days of class last week because I got the colds (and I was also pretty lazy) I actually love rainy weather. It makes me feel all sentimental. Anyway, I’m not really busy today so that’s why I decided to post this but I guess this is just the calm before the storm and I expect to be bombarded with work this week. Today, me and my friends sat with this other group of people (who I honestly dislike but I believe I am being irrational) and it was actually quite fun although it was also a little awkward because of some history between some people. I guess that is the most part to be said of today. We got dismissed at 2 but I forgot to tell my mom so she picked me up at 4. I spent the rest of my free afternoon while waiting with my sister and her friends who are surprisingly amusing. I guess that is all for today.


Queen Of Hearts

I bought a pack of cards the other week and recently, I’ve spent a lot of time on learning how to shuffle a deck of cards. I always liked cards. I don’t really know why. I like how there’s a King and a Queen and hearts and spades and all that stuff. I also miss being with my friends and sitting under our usual spot after class, right under this small tree. Then we would form a small circle and laugh and talk. Sometimes, we’d bring a pack of cards and play Bluff. For some reason, I feel really nostalgic right now. Anyway, that is all… (I’m always so bad at ending these things)